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ISES, etc.

June 27, 2007

Whenever I explain to people that I’m a member of ISES, I always get the confused face and “Ice-what?” question.

Very simply, ISES is a group of event professionals that gather monthly for educational and networking purposes. More info on ISES, its mission, purpose, etc. can be found at Cincinnati has its own chapter website at

One of the ISES committees I am a part of is the “ISES Presents” committee. We’re helping the Civic Garden Center throw a fundraising event this fall, in honor of their 65th anniversary. We are still hammering out the details but I think it’s going to be a great event! I hope to have a lot more information about the ISES Presents event out to everyone soon.

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my fellow/favorite ISES members: Colleen Sutton of the Hilton Netherland Plaza, and Kristen Folzenlogen of Letter Heads, Ltd. We got a little bit of “work” talk in, to discuss the invites for the Garden Center event, and got a lot of non-work talk in as well. Lots of fun, and Jean-Robert’s Greenup Cafe in Covington is tres delish!

Quasi-Family Afternoon

June 26, 2007

I spent this afternoon and evening with my boyfriend’s sister, Sarah. She is getting married next year – 07/05/08. We took a drive out to the Krippendorf Lodge at the Cincinnati Nature Center; she is considering it for her reception location. It is such a great spot — I am OBSESSED with the wrap-around, covered porch. Gorgeous!

Then after a quick stop back at home we went on to Bridal and Formal. We are so lucky to have one of the nation’s largest bridal stores right in Cincinnati. The customer service there is always impeccable, and their prices truly are better than any other store in town.

What I find so funny about dress shopping with brides is that three times out of four, they always end up loving something they thought they would have hated! I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a bride go to try on a specific dress she saw and loved in an ad, only to despise the way it looks and feels on her own body. And then trying on something completely opposite and loving it. So I guess the lesson of this story is to try on as many different styles and silhouettes as you can– you will probably be surprised as to what you end up loving!

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