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November 30, 2007

Last night The Bridal Studio hosted a “Vendor Appreciation Night”. It was such a great mix of local vendors: established, brand-new, and everything in between. Some of my favorite people were there, from other coordinators to florists to venue reps and more. The whole night reaffirmed for me one of the main reasons why I love doing what I do: the people. I am so lucky to get to work with such a great group of fun, creative people on a regular basis. I love meeting new vendors and learning about their talents so that I can share them with my clients!

Jeffrey Martin from le sucre bakery spoiled us with tons of samples of his delicious cakes. My favorite was the raspberry but that is because I am raspberry-filling-obsessed. The brown-sugar walnut cake was also to-die-for. He brought in pictures of some of his designs– he comes from a graphic design background, so all of his cakes are just gorgeous! Love them. If you are around Hyde Park today (and maybe tomorrow?) he will have some samples at Poeme.

Jason Merkt from Iconography was also there, he is a newer videographer in town who does amazing work. I am very excited to work with him on a wedding I have coming up in just a few weeks. Check out his website (click on “Iconography” above) to see some of his demos!

Amy Storer was also in attendance. She is the founder, editor and publisher of, the only online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area. It was so fun to hear her story of how she got started and how succesful CincyChic has become! Plus, we got to bond over our obsession with Google Analytics. If you don’t already subscribe to CincyChic, go to their website and sign-up! Each week’s issue has tons of great articles, information on local events, and information and offers from local businesses.

In addition to the great vendors I get to work with, I absolutely adore my clients. Every one is so unique and I love working with them to bring their individual personalities and styles into their event. Events take place in celebration – in celebration of love, of achievement, of a cause, of a person, the list goes on. Being able to take part in that spirit of celebration with so many different people is totally and completely satisfying, and is why I love what I do!


November 19, 2007

I’m not at all ashamed to admit, I love facebook. Much prefer it over myspace, and now I love it more because you can add free business pages. So Aviva Events now has its own facebook page. If you’re a facebook user, you can become a “fan” of Aviva Events and receive special updates and news about our upcoming public events. If you are a past client, you can write a review, or post photos from your event to help showcase your photographer to others!

Speaking of photos, here are a few pro pics from the Williams-Kellum wedding in September. All photos are (c) Jenny McGraw of Fresh View Studio.

Kenzie’s Closet

November 15, 2007

Today April Rentz (Bluebird Photography), Emily Prouty (April’s second shooter), Courtenay Lambert (Courtenay Lambert Floral) and I met with Brynne Coletti, founder of Kenzie’s Closet, for a long overdue, post Bridesmaid Bash lunch! We had a fantastic lunch (complete with creme brulee, of course) at Greenup Cafe, in Covington, which is one of my favorite lunch spots. It was great to go over the event again and brainstorm new ideas to make next year’s bash even better. We also learned that a group of high school students read about the Bash and were inspired to start their own dress drive at their school (which has over 1,000 students)! All in all, the event was incredibly positive for Kenzie’s Closet and all involved.

If you missed the event and still would like to contribute to the cause, visit for more information on how you can help!

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