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Wedding at Kumler Chapel

The snow, the ice, the wreck on 27– it all attempted to to ruin Amelia and Todd’s day but to no avail! Thanks to the hard work of Courtenay Lambert and her team, my assistant Ellie (and a few of her friends stranded on campus thanks to the storm), everything came together and the bride was down the aisle on time. From that point on, everything was perfect! I have to also mention that everyone at the Marcum Conference Center was truly wonderful! Jason from Iconography and Britton from Britton Photography captured it all. (Scroll down to view the highlights video).

Black, White and Pink Wedding Details

The black and white details with pink accents were present in both the ceremony and the reception, and the lace detail of Amelia’s gown was the inspiration for the pattern on the cake, baked by Maribelle Cakery. And yes, that’s a Santa suit you see below… Todd had a very special surprise evening performance for his new wife.

Wedding Reception at Marcum Inn

Below, the highlight reel, by Iconography

Snowy Wedding in Oxford, Ohio

December 16, 2007

Today I drove straight back from Oxford to the photo shoot in Fort Thomas. Well, with maybe one quick stop at my friend Nora‘s house for some makeup (she doesn’t do weddings – but she does teach a class at UC’c Communiversity). The shoot was at an AMAZING model home by Fischer Homes. I wanted to just hang out in it forever! Neysa Ruhl was the photographer, and the few shots I got to take a peek at on her camera looked great. I’ll be excited to see what they choose. They also shot a quick video but I was so drained from the wedding this weekend that I really don’t know what I said! So if you see my interview on CincyChic next month and you watch the video clip at the bottom– forgive me for being brain-dead. I tried! Isn’t that what counts? ;)

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