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November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a great day of family, food and football*. In case you are wondering, that at left is Seth’s “nephew” Rambo at last year’s Thanksgiving. He’s wearing a pilgrim hat (what, it wasn’t obvious?). *ok I know nothing of the football part, but I can still wish you all a good game!

I’m thankful for many, many things that probably can’t be covered in a simple list but I’m going to try anyway.

1. Family. My grandma Bess for her style, strength and sassiness. My grandparents Lee and Jane for their kindness and their stories. My many cousins for creating adorable babies for me to play with at all of our holiday functions. My sister for trusting me to plan 100% of her wedding this summer. My brother-in-law, Colin, for putting up with my sister. My parents for, well, everything. My Seth (who is not officially family, but may as well be), for his amazing support and for allowing me to play mommy to Priscilla (his tabby cat). Priscilla, for keeping me company in “the office”.

2. Friends. My Seth (again), for being my best friend, always making me laugh, bringing me treats from UDF, the list could go on and on. Kate, for allowing me to be snarky and for always being down for going to a movie. Moira, for understanding the importance of ‘investing’ in one’s wardrobe and for many many dinner dates. Holly, for always having the best gossip and for joining me in the MAA. Jamie, for iChats. Robyn, for appreciating dessert just as much as I do. Nora for having fabulous advice and always so freely loaning her accessories. Angela, for encouraging me to get to the gym (and not getting mad – I hope – when I rarely do). Lauren S, for never failing to ask me when I’m going to “get married already”. Lauren K for always inviting me to trivia even though I rarely know any answers. All my wedding&events-industry friends, for “getting it”. For their support. For keeping me laughing. For doing AMAZING work for my clients and making me look even better in the process. For many lunch dates. For giving me so many reasons to love my job.

3. Clients. My spectacular clients for being fun, funny and not afraid to show their personalities in their weddings and events! For proving that the term Bridezilla was made up by the media and doesn’t really exist (at least not in my world). For trusting me to take control so that they can live and enjoy each moment. For sharing their wonderful ideas. For providing me with fabulous stories; some beautiful, some funny, never scary. For keeping in touch after their events are over. For the kind, kind words of thanks they send my way, which remind me that my job is far from frivolous and includes the best of both worlds: helping others and having fun/being creative while doing so. For letting me in their inner circles on Very Important Days. For cracking me up.

4. Silliness. Such as: Celebrity gossip, iPhone apps, Twitter, Photobooths, Shoes and lots of them, Zip’s Cafe, Facebook, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, Other people’s blogs, Sky Miles, and Fireplaces.

Oh wow that’s a lot to be thankful for – and it’s just skimming the surface. Last-but-not-least, I am thankful for “scheduling” settings on Blogger so that I can post this without taking pause from watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade :)

What are YOU thankful for?

Holiday Fusion

November 26, 2008

Just a little PSA about the Holiday Fusion event this Friday! I’m not behind-the-scenes in any way on this one, but I went last year and it was a ton of fun (not to mention the awesome gift bags they passed out!). Also, the proceeds will go to a local charity – all guests will get to vote on which one will receive the funds.

Just wanted to pass on the details! You can click on the image to view it larger…

Reduce, Reuse, Restyle:

November 25, 2008

Last week I was having lunch with a friend (at Greenup, yum!), and realized we were both reusing the same thing: our Anthropologie earring bags. When you buy earrings at Anthro (which I do far too often), they put them in this cute little printed fabric pouch. I use mine to carry my business cards, driver’s license, credit cards etc., and Jessica was using hers similarly as a change purse. It started me thinking on how simple it is to reuse and repurpose things for weddings and events, and also after the events are over. Not only is it easy, but it’s definitely “green” and certainly a cost-saver as well.

Here are a few examples:

1. For Nancy‘s wedding last month (recap coming soon) we used old scrap wood (picked up for free from a local lumber yard) to make directional signs. Even better, when Hurricane Ike knocked down a huge tree in her parent’s back yard (the reception site!), the landscapers chopped it into pieces creating great extra seating around the firepit!

2. Last December, the lovely Amelia needed something to keep warm during the snow storm without taking away from her gorgeous gown.. rather than go out and buy something new, I called up my always helpful friend, stylist Nora Fink, who of course had just the perfect fur wrap. And more in the “scrap wood” department, her florist Courtenay Lambert found an old log on the side of the road and used it as a beautiful votive holder on Amelia’s escort card table. Gorgeous.

3. This July, Sarah purchased a TON of glass jars for her Candy bar, and she has reused them multiple times: at a friend’s baby shower, for Halloween, etc. They are a huge hit everywhere she reuses them. Also, the picture frames she purchased for signs at the wedding have been reused to showcase their favorite wedding photos on their mantle.

4. Last summer, Kristen used potted plants as her rehearsal dinner centerpieces. Some of the plants were gifted to guests, and others were taken home to plant in their garden.

5. Another bride had her wedding dress remade into a top and simple skirt, so she could re-wear it for any occasion!

There are a million ways that you incorporate items you already have in your wedding, and to reuse your wedding items after the big day is over. What are you repurposing for your wedding or your even your upcoming holiday party? What will you keep when the party is over and reuse for everyday life? What are you borrowing?

After your wedding, i
f you have items that you can’t find a way to repurpose and have no space for – check out Bride-to-Bride Boutique! And of course there is always eBay :)

UPDATED to add this fabulous project courtesy of Design*Sponge – how cool are these wine bottle candleholders??? Click here for instructions — I’m off to buy a glass cutting kit so I can make some of my own!

AVIVA las Vegas!

November 21, 2008

Now that I’ve worked in that overwhelmingly clever post title, I can get on with my overdue recap of last week’s fun: CiN Weekly‘s 5th Anniversary Bash at Jefferson Hall! I had a blast working with Reagan (Marketing Partnership Manager at Enquirer Media) on this project – truly, you can’t go wrong with a Vegas theme. We brought in a variety of casino games from Academy Rentals for the VIP portion of the evening, and Courtenay Lambert created some wonderfully over-the-top, showgirl-inspired centerpieces! All that partnered with the lighting from CSC transformed JHall from just a regular bar to a true night in Vegas. Of course, no trip to Vegas is complete without Elvis, so we made sure he was there to snap a photo with everyone. DJ Toad played the first part of the evening (during which a special video by Glass Eye played overhead) and the Rusty Griswolds performed during the public portion of the party. Best of all, two trips to Vegas were given away! Sadly as a behind-the-scenes worker on this event I wasn’t eligible to win. Maybe next time ;)

Please forgive my truly terrible photography! My next two purchases will be a new digital camera and a Flip video. Any recommendations for cameras?? Leave suggestions, please!

There are more pics available on Cin Weekly’s site here and here.

Win a trip to Vegas!!

November 12, 2008

Join CiN Weekly on Thursday, November 13, for their annual CiN Bash at Jefferson Hall at Newport on the Levee. Live music from the Rusty Griswolds, tons of giveaways and a grand prize trip for two to Las Vegas.

Doors open at 9 p.m., no cover, 21+

Sponsored by:
Jefferson Hall
HYPE: Harnessing Young Professional Energy
and, of course, CiN Weekly

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