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Leah and Johnathon’s wedding at Manor House last month was full of bright colors and great DIY touches by Leah and her mom, Jennifer. The mix of bold pink, orange and yellow in her invitations was echoed in the bridesmaids’ dresses, the flowers, the cake and more, setting the scene for a FUN evening! Below is the ceremony in progress (officiated by Bill Proud), the cake by Bonbonerie (a second, gluten-free wedding cake was also available), and a picture from the beautiful gardens in back of Manor House. If you’re considering Manor House for your wedding or event, contact Sherri – she is a dream to work with!

Manor House WeddingBonbonerie Wedding CakeManor House Wedding Garden

Lindsey and Chris were married earlier this summer at the beautiful Kumler Chapel at Miami University in Oxford. Their reception was at what is now one of my new favorite venues – the Oxford Community Arts Center; such a beautiful space! Courtenay Lambert created the florals and catering was by Savor Catering. Lindsey and Chris are so sweet – enjoy a sneak of their wedding via my phone photos! (One of these days, I’ll get a real camera. Any suggestions on what kind to buy?).


P456_FW09-1_mCWS09 Cover_webI’m so excited that Allyson and Michael’s beautiful winter wedding is featured in the current issue of the Knot Ohio magazine! Allyson and Michael were so much fun to work with and the photos by Neysa Ruhl are just stunning. Their wedding ceremony was held at Norman Chapel and their reception at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza this past December. The article is one of several “Real Weddings” featured in The Knot Ohio’s fall/winter issue – check it out on newsstands now, but don’t mind the fine print – we have not relocated to Cleveland! Just a minor print error. We’re based in Cincinnati and here to stay!

Also on newstands now is the latest issue of Cincinnati Wedding magazine. Anjali and Josh’s gorgeous summer weading is featured in the article “A Family Affair”. Their ceremony and reception were held at Anjali’s uncle’s beautiful home last summer and Paul Ludwig captured all of the details. Also in this issue of Cincinnati Wedding, I lend my advice on unique reception ideas and honeymoon trends. Leave a comment on this post with a question or suggestion for a future blog topic for us to cover and you could win a copy of both issues! A winner will be chosen at random.

Many, many thanks to the super talented Kortnee Kate for the new photos of me and my crew! And equal thanks to my good friend Nance for making us all look beautiful and as though we have absolutely no need for Latisse. It was ridiculously hot that night, but thanks to Nancy’s fabulous skills, our faces never melted!

Below is one of my favorites; you can see more on Kortnee’s blog, and they will eventually make their way onto our website as well. Kortnee: thanks again for your time, your talent and for having so much fun with us!!!

Aviva (61)

collegeMy junior year of college I had a very short-lived radio show. Basically I just played all of my favorite songs and in between, my friend Moira and I would giggle about random things. It was fun, but I always secretly hoped that no one was really listening, and when I found out that people did listen I was slightly mortified. That’s the same feeling I’m having right now as my lovely boyfriend just reminded me that I told the world this afternoon how much I love wedding cake and would never cut back on spending in that area. (Totally true, but still, did I really say that?).

This morning I was approached to speak with Eddie and Tracy on 700 WLW during their afternoon show in reaction to an article that come out in USA Today about wedding budget trends. I was excited to be on air and had fun talking with them, but when I thought about all the people that might be listening I was definitely nervous! The file is unfortunately too large to post on my blog, but if you search for Eddie and Tracy’s podcasts on iTunes, you can hear it all at the very beggining of “7/08/09 Hour 3″. Hopefully my nerves do not carry across the sound waves!


Before the call, I typed up a page of notes for myself so I wouldn’t forget things I wanted to say, but I’m not sure how much of it actually made it in — I haven’t been able to bring myself to listen to it yet. (Why is it that our voices always sound so different recorded than they do in our heads?). Here are a few points that I was hoping to make, and a few that I know I did get to say, but just want to re-emphasize.

  1. Always write out your budget early on and prioritize your spending so that you give more to the areas that are important to you, and less to the areas you do not care as much about.
  2. Along those same lines, don’t be afraid to completely cut out things that aren’t important to you. Don’t like flowers? Decorate with candles. Not so worried about entertainment? Hook up an iPod. Remember, the only thing you really and truly NEED for a wedding is a marriage license (cost in Hamilton County: $45).
  3. Consider DIY projects but don’t take on too many at once! Plan plenty of time to complete them so that you don’t add undue stress to your planning. (Check out for fun ideas).
  4. Little changes can add up to big savings. Use an RSVP postcard instead of the traditional card and envelope to save on paper and postage. Cut back on the number of hors d’oeuvres served. Serve only beer, wine and a signature drink rather than a full bar (Eddie and Tracy weren’t fans of that tip, though!). Switch from a Saturday night wedding to a Friday or Sunday. All of the small changes can contribute to significant savings.

Remember that nation-wide or city-wide average budgets are irrelevant. Talk with your fiancĂ© and families and decide what is comfortable for YOU to spend, and go from there. Prioritizing what’s important to you and making careful decisions about where and how to spend on your wedding will only make it all the more intimate, memorable and unique.

Thanks to those who listened today, and I hope the advice was helpful! And if I ever do plan a $100,000 bachelor party, I can promise you’ll hear about it first here on the blog :)

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