Wedding Trends for 2010

January 20, 2010

Nearly every blog, magazine and wedding-related tv show is happy to tell you all about the hottest wedding trends for 2010. But when you look back at your wedding photos in 50 years, do you want to think “Wow, that was so 2010″, or “Wow, that was so us“.

What I want to get across, is to take the trend forecasts with a grain of salt. If a trend is something you love, then go with it, but if it’s not, don’t try to incorporate it into your wedding just because it’s “in”. To find inspiration for your wedding, you can look to the wedding magazines and blogs for images you like, but you might come up with something that’s even more you if you turn to unconventional sources of inspiration.

Living in Gosford ParkFor example, the “Living In” series on Design*Sponge does an amazing job of using movies and television to create style boards for interior design. This approach could very easily be applied to wedding design – recreating the atmosphere of your favorite movie or book will definitely create a very unique and personal style. How beautiful would a Gosford Park inspired wedding be in a venue like Peterloon or Greenacres? (Um, minus the air rifle and poison bottles, of course!).

Look around your own home and closet. Is Dress my Nest still on the Style channel? I adore Thom Filicia. And I adore his approach to interior design as well – he would ask people to choose their three favorite style items from their closet and three personal items as launching points for his room re-designs. The results were beautiful and most importantly personal. The rooms simply “fit” with the homeowners personality, and the style felt comfortable to anyone who entered. That is how you want your wedding to feel – not a cookie cutter design ripped from a magazine page, but a design that is an extension of you. When people walk in, you want them to see that it’s your wedding – not just anyone’s.

So yes, look at the magazines and blogs (really, where else will you find boutonniere examples) but mix it up with some unconvential sources as well. Look to travel and design magazines, rewatch the movie you saw on your first date, cook your favorite meal – then take note of how those things look, how they make you feel, and try to recreate that atmosphere and aesthetic in your wedding design.

What is your favorite source of wedding inspiration?

Photo via Design*Sponge

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