I stopped by the Ikea bridal event toward the end of the evening last night and was pleasantly surprised! For some reason I was expecting haphazard tables of DIY projects, but that was far from the case. They had set up about ten different tablescapes, all using 100% Ikea products and nothing else. Each table was completely different… some of them I really loved, some definitely did not match my personal style, but even if you did not reproduce the settings exactly, there was an idea to take away from each table.

Below are photos from some of the tables (they were taken on my phone and under Ikea warehouse lighting, so most of the colors are not true to life), and a few tips on the overall themes and ideas I took away from the event. Each table had a sheet listing all of the products used to create the look, with their tag line “simply perfect, simply affordable”. Are some of the items used and ideas proposed a good value? absolutely. But others? in my opinion, not so much. I promise to elaborate on that in tomorrow’s post. But first – the wedding décor ideas!

Ikea Tables

1. Don’t be afraid of patterns. Incorporating a pattern into your wedding décor will give your reception instant personality. If you feel like patterned linens on every table is too bold for you, consider dressing up just one table: the head table, cake table, escort card table, etc. are all good options to stand out. Or, you might consider a simple patterned ribbon or fabric wrapped around the vase for your centerpieces, a patterned napkin at each place setting, a bold pattern on your cake, patterned lighting on the ceiling or walls… the list goes on.

Ikea Wedding Decor

2. Play with layers and height to add drama and interest. You could be as tame as simply adding an overlay on top of your main table linen (perhaps something in a pattern? or even a simple sheer), or you can use multiple centerpieces of varying heights, candles and frames and other objet d’art to create visual interest on each table. Using a charger (or even a woven or brightly colored placemat or a large plate) under each place setting and/or hanging lanterns, etc. in key spots in the room, will add further interest and more pops of color for a very festive atmosphere.

Ikea Wedding Decor

3. Use things in an unexpected way. One of my favorite things was a really fun, oversized picture frame that was hanging behind the “head table”. Instead of a photo, it framed an imaginary couple’s monogram. So simple, but still so unique. Also, instead of hanging paper lanterns from the ceiling, they stacked them to create tall lighted pillars on each side of a table. That could also be a great way to frame an entrance from one area of a reception to the next. And perhaps the boldest table had no linen at all – it was created by combining six brightly colored side tables, with large pillows for seating. Each of the above are fun and unexpected, and definitely make a statement.

Check back on the blog tomorrow – I’ll run through some of the costs of the items that were used and give my take on whether or not they are a good value. Also, I really couldn’t do three posts in one week on Ikea without including the recipe they shared for Lingonberry Parfait :)

Court: I should have gone! Thanks for sharing.

kristen: ya know... with so many girls being reluctant to take a decor risk at the wedding, these are perfect ways to spruce up (and take a little color and design risk) a rehearsal dinner.

Amanda Donaho: I love the yellow stripes tablecloth set... Super cute!

An Ikea Wedding?

January 25, 2010

Ikea Bridal EventYesterday I went to Ikea with high hopes of leaving with a detailed plan and budget outline for our upcoming kitchen makeover. Sadly, that part of the trip didn’t go too well (I am not at all a fan of their in-store kitchen planning software) but as we went to grab lunch in the restaurant, something caught my eye… a wedding dress. It was very out of place amongst the wayward toddlers and trays of swedish meatballs, but I was so cranky about my failed cabinet planning expedition that I didn’t investigate.

Once I was back home (and done pouting about my lack of kitchen progress) I remembered the oddly placed gown and went to Ikea’s website to investigate. It turns out that the West Chester location is having a “bridal event” tomorrow that they are calling “Simply Perfect, Simply Affordable”. They’ll be sharing “wedding decoration inspirations courtesy of Ikea” and on the site they leave a kind reminder that “the more money you save in decorating your reception, the more money you’ll have to invest in the dress!”

Even better, they are asking attendees to bring gently used formal gowns to the event for donations to Kenzie’s Closet. As a founding co-chair of the Bitter Bridesmaid Bash, Kenzie’s Closet is an organization that is near and dear to me, and I love hearing about any event that furthers their cause.

If you are interested in learning about the wedding decor ideas Ikea West Chester has to share, stop by tomorrow – Tuesday, January 26th, from 4pm to 7pm. There will be complimentary appetizers from the Ikea restaurant, and a chance to win an Ikea gift card! More details are available on their website.

I am so curious what ideas they will be sharing! I am going to do my best to attend and hopefully will have some projects to tell everyone about afterward.
(Anyone care to join me???)

Court: I'll join you after I finish up at the Studio!!! I could be there by 5:30!

avivaevents: Perfect!! It will be fun - call me when you're leaving the studio and I will meet you there.

Samuel: my dad is gonna pimp my place out already mahaahhwa he's getting a plasma screen built into the wall and some kick ass furniture from Paris woohoooooI get the keys on Dec 20th, but wont start getting all the furniture etc until beginning of Jan.My dad wants me to move in with just a bed and a TV lol then starting pimpin it

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