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One of my favorite things, although a rare indulgence, is to get false lashes from Nancy at Brideface. It’s definitely a “special occasion” treat, and I am such a spaz that I refuse to take my makeup off at the end of the night, in hopes of making it last to the next day. Which always results in me waking up in the morning, freaking out that there is a spider on my pillow. (The “spider” = a cluster of lashes that have come off, as they’re not meant to be slept in).

So when Nance told me about Tracey Wells and her semi-permanent eyelash extensions, I had to see what it was all about! I went in yesterday and was so happy with the results that I just had to share the info. It’s a bit of a tedious process (more so for Tracey than for you!), but while you lie on a massage table for up to two hours, Tracey meticulously glues false lashes one by one to your individual real lashes. The lashes last 6-8 weeks, shedding with your own regular lash cycle. They are perfect for weddings – have them done the week before and you’re all set for your rehearsal dinner, wedding day, honeymoon and then some!

Eyelash Extensions by Advanced Permanent CosmeticsI took before and after photos with my phone – the transformation is dramatic! (Please excuse the unkempt brows and under-eye bags). It helps that my natural lashes, sans mascara, are pretty pale. Not as translucent as my sister’s, but pale for sure. On darker-haired beauties (like florist Courtenay Lambert) they look just as gorgeous but even more natural, in my opinion.

Tracey will be offering her services (eyelash extensions, Cry Baby mascara, and cosmetic tattooing) at The Bridal Studio every Thursday, and has a super convenient online appointment scheduling site. If you have any questions about her services, you can always contact her directly at 513-720-3296.

Aviva Events was neither paid nor asked to post this review – we just love to share amazing products and services with our readers!

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2010

Well, I completed my “Old Year Resolution” by 10:30 last night – our not-too-changed but definitely more polished website is live at last. Please click below to take a look, and then let us know your thoughts!

Aviva Events - Cincinnati Wedding Planner

Hello, 2010

December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009! You were a wonderful year filled with many fun events, both personal and professional, and I could go on and on about the many positive things that happened, but instead of reminiscing I am much more excited to say HELLO to 2010! There is so much to look forward to, such as…

1. AuntHood I’m going to be an aunt! Hopefully sooner rather than later. Poptart (as the baby is affectionately referred to) was due to arrive on December 29th, but has apparently decided the womb is far cozier than the outside world of snowy Glasgow. Despite his or her stubborness, due to Doctor’s orders, come January 5th at latest I’ll at last be an aunt and have someone to spoil rotten!

2. Amazing Clients Does it get old reading over and over how wonderful and fantastic and sweet I think my clients are? I apologize for the repetition but I promise that it’s true, and the couples who have entrusted me with the planning and coordination of their 2010 weddings are no exception. In 2010 we’ll be working with clients who live all over the country- from California to New York and everyone in between (including Ohio, of course!) to plan weddings in Cincinnati, Dayton, Covington and Lexington.

3. A New Crew We’ve added two new Assistant Coordinators to our team, and I can’t wait to introduce them to you! They each have unique qualities and experience that make them an excellent asset to our team. More to come on these lovely ladies soon :)

4. Updated Website Theoretically speaking, our updated website (just a minor redesign!) will be live tomorrow. I am hoping that including that tidbit of information in this post will inspire me to keep working on the finishing details rather than starting the New Year’s Eve celebrations early. We’ll call it my Old Year Resolution… it won’t be long before we know if I stick to it and finish before 2009 is over!

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Say Cheese Photobooth

March 16, 2009

As I was cleaning through my office drawers today for the requisite spring cleaning, I realized I had a problem. I’m an addict. What am I addicted to? Photobooths. Sad but true, I can’t walk past one without jumping in. The problem started young- check out the 1st photo below of me with my dad and sister. But who are my current enablers? The team at Say Cheese Photobooth.

They seem to be everywhere, and with good reason – they are fabulous. Their booths are the highest quality, as are the prints they produce. The booths are “arcade style” rather than pipe and drape. What does that mean and why does it matter? Arcade-style photobooths have a solid wall behind the “seat” of the booth, whereas pipe-and-drape booths have only a curtain. Now, I’m not one to stereotype, but by the end of the evening those who have been living it up the most at your bar are often also those going back for more and more photos at the booth – just imagine your cousin Joe, waiting in line, leaning on the booth to steady himself — I’m sure you can picture the chaos that will ensue as he falls on the curtain — and the guests inside. Just something to think about :)

At Say Cheese, they print duplicate copies of every photo strip, so your guests get a strip, and so do you! For a small extra fee, they’ll create a guestbook on-site, filled with your guests photos and well-wishes. The other reason I love Say Cheese: Frank and Pat – the father/son owners – are just simply great guys. Check out their website and let them know I sent you!

Say Cheese is currently running a contest to win $500 off your photobooth rental – check out their blog for details!

Photos L-R: The addiction begins, A Say Cheese Guestbook (image © Bluebird Photography), Pat and Frank Callahan of Say Cheese Photobooth

I had such fun today on the panel for Cincinnati Wedding magazine’s seminar, “Planned Perfection”, at Joseph-Beth Booksellers. The four other wonderful wedding planners and I fielded questions from the magazine’s marketing coordinator Amy Knueven and from the members of the audience. Here are a few points that we discussed.

  • Budgeting! And more specifically, the importance of knowing your budget ahead of time and being upfront with vendors about what spending range you would like stay within when you meet with them for a consultation.
  • Priorities. In timelines: booking your venue and photography early to insure you get the vendors you want, and in budgeting: spending more in the areas that are important to you and less in the areas that aren’t.
  • Suggestions. We gave suggestions in a number of categories including ceremony musicians: Lyrica, Pro Art Music, and CCM Students.

I stayed for the second half of the seminar, “Timeless Beauty”, to serve as a model for Jenny Costello of Brideface (I use the term ‘model’ loosely!). Jenny made up one half of my face before the seminar started to illustrate the difference between everyday makeup that you can do on your own and professional application. It was the perfect way to show what a huge difference it makes! Jenny, along with Shane Weber and Chenese Bean, gave some great advice regarding hair and makeup. Some key points from their part of the day:

  • Proper skin care. It was suggested to start a regular skin care routine well in advance of the wedding day to make sure that your skin is in perfect condition! It was also recommended to try to get your groom in on a skincare routine as well (easier said than done, right?).
  • The importance of a trial run. All professional hair stylists and makeup artists will do a trial run (it is sometimes included in the cost of your wedding day service, and other times billed as a separate cost). It was recommeneded to do your trial no sooner than a month or so before the wedding, so that you don’t change your mind a zillion times in between.

I’ll admit, being my opinionated self, it was a tad bit difficult to be just a model and not pipe in with my 2¢ during their part of the seminar, but I kept my place and stayed quiet except to say one thing: that it is ALWAYS worth it to hire a professional to do your hair and makeup. The cost of their services will be a small percentage of the cost of your photography, and if you are spending thousands on photography there is no reason to not spend a small amount on ensuring that you look and feel your best. Professional makeup artists are aware of how makeup looks in photographs and are experts at creating looks that are natural to the naked eye but still pop in your pictures. So I stated my case in that area and then hushed back up to let the experts continue with their tips and tricks! :) Chris Ohmer, the magazine’s marketing director, was kind enough to send this pic of Jenny and me:

Perhaps the best part of the afternoon was that Maribelle Cakery, one of the best bakeries in Cincinnati, provided very generous samples of their delicious cakes. I highly recommend considering them for your wedding day! Contact Seth to schedule a tasting appointment — you will not be disappointed!

All in all it was a great afternoon, and I hope everyone that attended found it beneficial.

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