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Say Cheese Photobooth

March 16, 2009

As I was cleaning through my office drawers today for the requisite spring cleaning, I realized I had a problem. I’m an addict. What am I addicted to? Photobooths. Sad but true, I can’t walk past one without jumping in. The problem started young- check out the 1st photo below of me with my dad and sister. But who are my current enablers? The team at Say Cheese Photobooth.

They seem to be everywhere, and with good reason – they are fabulous. Their booths are the highest quality, as are the prints they produce. The booths are “arcade style” rather than pipe and drape. What does that mean and why does it matter? Arcade-style photobooths have a solid wall behind the “seat” of the booth, whereas pipe-and-drape booths have only a curtain. Now, I’m not one to stereotype, but by the end of the evening those who have been living it up the most at your bar are often also those going back for more and more photos at the booth – just imagine your cousin Joe, waiting in line, leaning on the booth to steady himself — I’m sure you can picture the chaos that will ensue as he falls on the curtain — and the guests inside. Just something to think about :)

At Say Cheese, they print duplicate copies of every photo strip, so your guests get a strip, and so do you! For a small extra fee, they’ll create a guestbook on-site, filled with your guests photos and well-wishes. The other reason I love Say Cheese: Frank and Pat – the father/son owners – are just simply great guys. Check out their website and let them know I sent you!

Say Cheese is currently running a contest to win $500 off your photobooth rental – check out their blog for details!

Photos L-R: The addiction begins, A Say Cheese Guestbook (image © Bluebird Photography), Pat and Frank Callahan of Say Cheese Photobooth

Boi Na Braza

August 1, 2007

Yesterday was the ISES Cincinnati New Board retreat… long day, but fun and definitely productive. We had our meeting in the Belvedere Room at the Hilton…. great spot for smaller meetings! Breakfast was delish– great waffles. I’m a big waffle fan.

Mid-day we had lunch up the street at Boi Na Braza– LOVED it! I’m totally not a red-meat person, but I still had a great lunch and great time. It’s just fun to watch, even. I think it is the perfect spot for a classier bachelor party. Everyone should definitely check it out sometime, although be prepared because it is definitely not inexpensive.

Tonight I have a tasting at Drees with one of my favorite couples, Donna and Eric. Elegant Fare is presenting. Should be fun! I’ll let everyone know what I think was the tastiest.

I just realized that this entire post is about food. Beware to all aspiring event planners– this industry is not for those on a diet!

This Tuesday night, our ISES meeting was held at Saks Fifth Avenue — o fun! The meeting was aptly titled “Bringing Saks-y Back”… so of course DJ Toad played some JT for us all.
A La Carte catered, we had a champagne toast to celebrate surpassing 100 members, and the new board was sworn in (I am now the VP of Communications). Then Saks put on a great fashion show and a Lancome makeup demonstration. To top it all off, we all got a gift certificate to use that night! I treated myself to some Chanel nailpolish.This morning, I finally attended my first ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) meeting. As of next month, I will be a consultant level member– I am really looking forward to it! The meeting this morning was at the Banker’s Club, which has such a fabulous view of the city and reminds me of my dad’s business dinners when I was a little girl. It’s a great spot, and you do not need to be a member (or even have a sponsor) to hold an event here. Nancy Dawson of Brideface was there to do a makeup demonstration– it is amazing what that woman can do! I wish I could just carry her around in my pocket all the time.

This evening, I met up with the ladies of the Bridal Studio to work on our “Bitter Bridesmaid Bash” which will be held on September 13th. The following bars are on board: Backstage Cafe, Clique Lounge, Deadwood and Keefer’s Irish Pub. Other sponsors include Say Cheese Photo Booths,, and Maize Music. Our sponsor list just keeps growing! It is going to be such a great event, and of course is benefiting a wonderful organization– Kenzie’s Closet. For more information, email

ISES, etc.

June 27, 2007

Whenever I explain to people that I’m a member of ISES, I always get the confused face and “Ice-what?” question.

Very simply, ISES is a group of event professionals that gather monthly for educational and networking purposes. More info on ISES, its mission, purpose, etc. can be found at Cincinnati has its own chapter website at

One of the ISES committees I am a part of is the “ISES Presents” committee. We’re helping the Civic Garden Center throw a fundraising event this fall, in honor of their 65th anniversary. We are still hammering out the details but I think it’s going to be a great event! I hope to have a lot more information about the ISES Presents event out to everyone soon.

Yesterday I had lunch with two of my fellow/favorite ISES members: Colleen Sutton of the Hilton Netherland Plaza, and Kristen Folzenlogen of Letter Heads, Ltd. We got a little bit of “work” talk in, to discuss the invites for the Garden Center event, and got a lot of non-work talk in as well. Lots of fun, and Jean-Robert’s Greenup Cafe in Covington is tres delish!

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